Mistral over Lavender

For a brief impression of the strong Mistral that blew on a day or two of the PIA Provence excursion please click below


The 2016 Harvest. Special Offers

Reporting back from distilling Helichrysum in Corsica and the PIA Provence 2016 Journey we would like to thank all the participants for riding along and contributing their wonderful energy. The explorations in Corsica and Provence were an inspiration to pursue authenticity.

It is one thing for us to claim that the Population Lavender we sell is from the plants on a specific hillside in Provence. But it is quite another to have a group of over twenty individuals meet the proprietors of the land who physically distill the oil with their own hands. It is a form of closeness and familiarity that cannot be rivaled by the naked numbers of a GC/MS.

As a traveler within the PIA journey one not only felt the terroir, one could observe the realm of species in the Lavender genus: Fine, Spike and the Lavandin Hybrids in the wild. understanding how the different cultivations of Population Lavender, Lavender Maillette and the Lavandins arise. The anonymity of sleek internet advertising is replaced with an appreciation of the true qualities of these oils.

Our two offerings of Fine or Population Lavender 125 are distilled from the crops of two of the oldest exclusive Fine Lavender farms on the plateau of Lagarde d’Apt. Both received the coveted AOP appellation.

But it was not only Lavender we could study. We were also able to observe how this year has provided a rather successful crop for one of the rarer therapeutic powerhouse oils from Provence: Thyme thuyanol. We will offer Thyme thuyanol at a special price for everyone who wants to stash aside a little stock of this oil while it is readily available, just in case the next harvest is as scarce as those of the last few years were.

Another entry to the market is Helichrysum oil from Provence. While it is illegal to process wild harvested Helichrysum italicum in mainland France, this restriction does not apply to cultivated plants. Helichrysum italicum oil from plants cultivated in Provence is a welcome addition to the oils available from Bosnia. In our opinion Provencale and Bosnian oils are of practically equivalent therapeutic value. As you can see from our ongoing sale we are able to offer this Provencale Helichrysum at a very attractive price.

Coming soon, Classic Florals: Prices for the essential oils of Rose and Neroli are rising incessantly. We will, however, be able to offer this years harvest of Bulgarian Rose at a price only somewhat higher than last year. Our new Neroli is, as always, from our established source in Seville, Spain. We will be able to offer the new Neroli at a low introductory price but will eventually have to revert to the previous level.

Please check back soon as we have new arrivals coming in on a regular basis and we might be able to offer deals on other classic oils as well.

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