aromatherapy 2.0

After the Conference

The 8th PIA Conference on Therapeutic Uses of Essential Oils appeared to be a success in every aspect. We would like to thank all the participants, presenters and helpers who contributed. The diversity of the presentations showed impressively how aromatherapy is a healing modality with an expanding horizon.

Almost all presentations can be looked up in “Unlimited Possibilities,” proceedings of the conference. An overview of the presentations is still available on the New PIA site (

aromatherapy 2.0

In addition, I would like to point to “aromatherapy 2.0.” This project of OSA and PIA offers new perspectives on essential oils that so far have not been at the center of attention. “aromatherapy 2.0” highlights essential oils of an Asian pedigree that have not been among those that the colonial powers of the 16th century and thereafter brought to the West. “aromatherapy 2.0” focuses on the wood, rhizome and resin oils of Asia, quite some of them at the center of scientific attention for their ability to help with chronic inflammation or to prevent tumors.

“aromatherapy 2.0” also introduces some of the most sought fragrances from Asia: Different Agarwood and Sandalwood essential oils.

All of this can be explored on our new site The objective of the site is to allow for leisurely exploration and gathering of information. It offers three main approaches

Experiences. This first approach introduces two offerings, “Monsoon” and “Smelling T’ang.” Collections of oils intended to transport and mediate a relaxed and balanced mood.

Explorations. Different collections of Asian essential oils assembled according to diverse cultural or therapeutic aspects.

Notes and more Reading. The asia-aromatherapy site is first and foremost intends to provide a slow and pleasant approach to the cultural connections in which many Asian aromatics are embedded and to stimulate curiosity. In the “Notes and More Reading” column we will sporadically add more texts referring to the healing properties of these oils, mostly from an Asian perspective.

How to Use the asia-aromatherapy Site

This site focuses on offering information. To order any of the collections or the single essential please visit the OSA site ( and click on the Asian Oils menu. For your convenience the collections and oils on the asia-aromatherapy site also link to the respective items on the OSA site.

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