Blends for the Boys

Have you followed how a large retailer was taken over by an even larger retailer recently. It appeared that all the green vegetables that previously were almost always crisp and refreshing had all of a sudden been left to themselves to come across a bit wilted. And the Avocados, that once were proudly displayed as being Californian OR Mexican are now offered as originating from  California/Mexico. One would not doubt their organic certification, but the colossal size of the large retailer leaves little space for local flavor. Supply chain considerations, on-time logistics and similar concerns move center stage.

The same is happening with essential oils as the success of aromatherapy goes global and the demand for true essential oils is outpacing available supplies. As demand rises it is probably the most sensible solution to amp up the cultivation of the essential oil plants which are in high demand. This seems to be the responsible strategy to make those desired secondary metabolites of Medicinal and Aromatic plants available to a growing number of individuals who look to improve their health with natural and aromatic means. And while cultivation is certainly a responsible starting point, it imprints its own set of characteristics on an essential oil once it becomes industrial.

In my own frame of mind I have hence resigned myself to embrace the essential oils which are cultivated on a large scale using them for the appropriate purposes while still admiring the radiant beauty of the essential oils harvested in the wild, which project a vibrant impression of their specific local origin.

Admiring the beautifully radiant oils originating from their most favoured origins forces us to develop a stand vis a vis such precious remnants of a plant world which is changing just as everything else is. So while it appears to be the responsible thing to  work with cultivated oils as much as possible, I also believe that there is nothing wrong with responsibly collecting and using essential oils from wild plants. If nothing else to get a glimpse of why it is that originally individuals of our and prior generations fell in love with essential oils. In my mind, oils, such as those from Provence harvested in the wild and distilled by artisan producers are instant rarities and should be cherished as such.

Personal Blends for the Boys

To manifest the above statements I have allowed myself to actually suggest some blends which address an unusual target audience. Please read on: The aromatherapy universe is full of blends for health issues, fitness, meditation and the like. However, at least subliminally, those are generally aimed at women. There really is not that much aromatherapy aimed at male sensibilities. To remedy this I thought it might be a first step to share some of the combos I have made for myself in different situations. In this offering there are two shower blends that I always come back to. One I have come to call

Bro Balm

This is a blend that was originally aimed at keeping brown spots and other impurities of the skin to a minimum. It also helps me to maintain my composure when I am venturing into unknown territory, be it by travel or by addressing an unfamiliar audience or both. The blend can be used in the shower or it can also be dabbed on strategically, i.e. a drop on the wrists or similar. Please try this blend cautiously on a sensitive spot, i.e. inside the elbow, as it is purposely constructed to deliver a bit of joyful awakening to the skin. Also, since this blend is rich in precious wood and resin essences it is not entirely inexpensive. If you do not wish to dive headlong into this, please note there are sample sizes.

The other one I like to call

Stay Cool

This blend is very simple. It is based, a rare batch of Borneo Camphor, an oil that has been cherished in the High Cultures of the Far East (i.e. the T’ang Dynasty) in the past, but has apparently not been available in authentic form for decades. The fragrance of the blend is designed to transport the Borneo Camphor sensation. For those used to highly refined and perfected aromatherapy compositions this may be too musty or too unfinished. For many this may be an acquired taste, reminiscent of the atmosphere in a damp tropical office shot through with hints of moth powder.

The blend is meant to be used in the shower or to be dabbed on to selected spots of skin. As stated the fragrance is quite unusual, so do not take this into the public if you mind that some heads might turn. The blend has a strikingly settling quality. If you distribute a few drops on your wet skin after a shower, your shoulders will relax downward and some deeply calming breaths will follow. Sample sizes available.

In addition to the Bro Balm and Stay Cool there some suggestions and offerings from the vault including some oils that we have not been able to offer for quite some time.

There is a special offer on Moroccan Chamomile, a few resurfaced bottles of rare Bay Laurel 123, a new batch of Blue Lotus Wax 4722, the most elegant wild Lavender sauvage and 6 year aged Patchouli from Southern Aceh. And finally we were able to purchase a new batch of Hyssop decumbens, which allows us to release some of the remaining original batches.


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