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Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy
8th International Aromatherapy Conference

The theme of this year’s conference is UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES. Quite literally, the conference will explore new areas of applications of essential oils.
Enterprising aromatherapists have long used essential oils beyond the narrow confines of what has been proven by conventional pharmacology and have registered good results. In a change of scientific perspective, new developments, especially in biology, demonstrate that essential oils can in fact be rather effective treatment options for cancer patients or those with chronic or degenerative diseases.
Click below for conference details including very brief introductions to some of the theoretical underpinnings of biology and cultural history for the presentations which emphasize practical applications.

Unlimited Possibilities


30th Anniversary Seminars and Events

Dear Friends of Aromatherapy,
Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy and Original Swiss Aromatics celebrate their 30th Anniversary in 2013.
Through the essential oils we offer and the information we present we have attempted to broaden the audience for the rather stunning healing that is available through aromatherapy. Our chosen format was that of French style aromatherapy, as most original ideas of modern aromatherapy arose in the wake of Gattefosse and also those who preceded and those who came after him.
To spread the celebration we have scheduled a variety of events, all intended to celebrate modern aromatherapy and the radiance of truly authentic oils.

Schedule of Events:

March 9 and 10.
Plant Language Journeys.

March 20.
Thirty Years of Aromatherapy. Anniversary Lecture.

May 25 and 26.
French Style Aromatherapy. Certification.

Salt Lake City
May 31 and June 1.
French Style Aromatherapy Certification. $297
For the Salt Lake City registration contact:
Leiann King at (435)979-0679 or email: rawpromiseteam@gmail.com

Kempten (Germany)
July 26 and 27.
Presenting at the “Kongress 25 Jahre Original IS Aromamischungen:” Ätherische Öle zur Linderung der Nebenwirkungen konventioneller Tumortherapien.

September 21 and 22.

October 10, 11 and 12.
Comprehensive Plant Language Anniversary Seminar.

Thirty Year Anniversary Lectures San Francisco
November 16: Kurt Schnaubelt
November 17: Jeffrey Yuen

2013 Seminar Flyer PDF download.pdf